Relaxed & lively:
Brasserie MANNA

From early morning until late at night, the Brasserie is alive. Five days a week – from Wednesday to Sunday - you are welcome for breakfast, lunch, high tea, drinks, and dinner. The Brasserie is casual, familiar, and always good. Walk in, find your spot at the table, by the fireplace, or maybe on the terrace. What are you in the mood for? Coffee with something delicious, a quick business lunch? Is it time for a drink at the bar, or do you want to sit at the table? The Brasserie is at your service. Feel at home, feel welcome.

Early morning ‘til late at night


Zeven dagen in de week serveert Brasserie MANNA van 07:00 tot 11:00 uur een lekker uitgebreid ontbijtbuffet. Een ideale start van de dag, met allemaal heerlijke, gezonde en verse dingen. Schuif aan als je met je partner, gezin of collega in de buurt bent. We vinden het fijn als je reserveert, maar staan ook klaar voor een spontane actie. Voor gasten van Hotel Blue en Hotel MANNA serveren we zeven dagen in de week ontbijt.


You can truly enjoy lunch at Brasserie MANNA. Relaxed with your family and friends, or just with each other. On the menu: soups, salads, sandwiches & more. Including classics like omelettes and kroketten. You can taste and see the craftsmanship of our chefs, the eye for detail, and the love for local products.


On the dinner menu, you'll find the favourites from the classic brasserie kitchen. Expect the expected! No surprises there, although you might have forgotten how good these dishes really are. Rediscover the pure culinary craft; that's Brasserie MANNA.

High Tea

Brasserie MANNA serves a serious High Tea. Every day, the cakes, pastries, macarons, and other delicacies are freshly baked. It's beautiful, it's abundant, it's special and delicious! And plenty of choices: Cream Tea, High Tea. Allergy, diet, intolerance, not in the mood? Our Diet Tea is the solution. High Tea at its most tolerant.

High Cocktail

Our High Cocktail is an almost spiritual experience. Gather your friends and enjoy the perfect cocktail experience. Four cocktails – classic and unique – shaken and stirred on the spot by our skilled bartenders. Accompanied by the snacks and dishes that make your cocktails and your company shine even more.

High Wine

Delicious wines with special snacks – an ideal afternoon or evening with all your besties! Brasserie MANNA is the coziest place to fully enjoy an extensive High Wine.

5 days a week

Brasserie MANNA is open five days a week, from Wednesday to Sunday.

Breakfast*:07:00 – 11:00
Lunch/high tea:12:00 – 17:00
High wine:15:00 – 19:00
Dinner:17:00 – 22:00
Bar:15:00 – 00:00 (Sunday: 23:00)

*Also on Monday and Tuesday

Work, live & learn at MANNA

Working at MANNA is dynamic, inspiring, and occasionally thrilling, with days bustling and full of learning opportunities. Collaboration is key, as we work diligently together, reaping rewards on multiple fronts. Whether it's financial incentives, leisure time, educational allowances, or personal perks, we ensure a harmonious balance between work and life.

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