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Restaurant MANNA

Treat yourselves to Restaurant MANNA. Enjoy culinary creativity and award-winning hospitality. MANNA is a global restaurant with a great love for fish. A beautiful place for an intimate dinner, a business gathering, or to celebrate with each other. Choose your dishes from our versatile menu or be surprised by the Chef's Choice menu. MANNA is the #1 fish restaurant in Nijmegen and the surrounding area, but also versatile in meat and vegetarian options.

Enjoy life & good food

Lunchen in Nijmegen

For lunch, there's really only one place in Nijmegen. MANNA serves the most fantastic lunch dishes from 12:00 to 17:00: soup, salads, fish, veggie & meat. All the delights the culinary world has to offer. Or choose your fresh fish or crab from the fish bar in the restaurant. Nice weather? Enjoy on the front or garden terrace!

Diner in Nijmegen

Culinary craftsmanship, creativity, and unparalleled hospitality come together during dinner. Be surprised by our global cuisine and the extensive Seafood Bar. A special menu with beautiful dishes, a stylish setting, and award-winning hospitality. Book a table and surprise your loved one, your family, your friends, and business associates.

MANNA Seafood Bar

Fresh fish, lobster, crab, cockles, oysters, scallops: MANNA brings the best from fresh and salt water to the table. Freshly brought in daily from the fish market, always responsibly sourced. Looking for the best fish restaurant in Nijmegen? Dock at Restaurant MANNA! Restaurant MANNA!

Fish is the Dish
Take a seat at the Seafood Bar and be surprised by our Fish is the Dish menu. Enjoy an abundance of all the goodies from the sea, lake & river. Fish is the Dish menu.

Seafood Lunch

A succession of delicacies served to you within 60 minutes at our Seafood Lunch. Time-efficient, light, and responsible. Seafood Lunch.

Seafood Diner

10 small dishes such as oysters, sashimi, ceviche, bisque, and hot fish dishes. Fresh from the market, via our Seafood Bar to your plate. Enjoy our Seafood Dinner. Seafood Diner

Private Rooms

An intimate and festive dinner by the fireplace with a group of good friends or a business lunch with the management team. Sometimes you want the atmosphere, the quality, and the service of a top restaurant, but also the exclusivity, the tranquility, and the intimacy of a private gathering. Look no further! Private Dining at MANNA.

7 days a week

Restaurant MANNA is open 7 days a week. Our opening hours are:

Lunch:12:00 – 17:00
Dinner:17:00 – 23:00

Op zondag is de keuken tot 22:00 uur open.

Work, live & learn at MANNA

Working at MANNA is dynamic, inspiring, and occasionally thrilling, with days bustling and full of learning opportunities. Collaboration is key, as we work diligently together, reaping rewards on multiple fronts. Whether it's financial incentives, leisure time, educational allowances, or personal perks, we ensure a harmonious balance between work and life.

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