MANNA-Blue Late Night Dining

Two restaurants, one thought.

We are very happy to take care of you. With fine dining, culinary discoveries and a leading role for fish, shellfish and crustaceans at Restaurant MANNA. With the favorites from the classic cuisine, in a casual setting at Brasserie MANNA - four buildings away. Two different restaurants for lunch or dinner, connected by the same concept of hospitality and quality. The choice is yours.

Treat each other at Restaurant MANNA. Make a party of lunch or dinner. We combine street food with star dishes and continue to surprise you. MANNA is a world restaurant with a great love of fish. Go on a culinary discovery tour using our world menu, get carried away by the Chefs Choice menu or take a dip in our Seafood Bar. Make a reservation for Restaurant MANNA now.

At Brasserie MANNA you sit down at the table with family, friends or just the two of you. Lunch, high tea, dinner: we proudly serve the successes of traditional brasserie cuisine. No need for further introduction. Although you might have forgotten how good these dishes are. At Brasserie MANNA cooking is still a craft. We love the craftsmanship, the eye for detail, the love for local, the perfect preparation. Reserve your spot in the Brasserie and just enjoy.

Neighbours & friends arrangement

The bar of Hotel Blue is the meeting place for Nijmegen residents, visitors and international guests. And if you can just tear your eyes away from your conversation partner, you will see what we serve. Many open wines, champagnes, perfect beers on tap and in bottles, a wealth of killer cocktails including our own Blue Gin.

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